Newly arrived information
 2018/11 Announcement of discontinue the production and selling of PS-331 and start selling of PS-333
 2018/11 PS-333 ( Cyclic Step Counter) was released.
 2018/07 PS-682(Malfunction detector) was released.
 2017/12 OS series (Optical sensor) was released.
 2017/06 PS-255 ( Mist Spray System) was released.
 2016/12 Change in wiring method for die height detector PS-462/464
 2016/04 Kansai office moved.
 2016/02 PS-711(Digital Cam with LCD) was released.
 2013/07 PS-474 AMSTAD(B.D.C detector) was released.
 2013/02 The USE series was released.
The USE series are extended specifications of US-1 which is spring-type contact sensors.
 2012/08 The page only for the member was added.
The member registration is here.
 2011/08 PS-254/252(Mist Spray 4ch/2ch- System) was released.
 2011/08 PS-331(Cyclic Step counter) was released.
 2010/09 The proguram version 3.2X of PS-462 was released.
 2010/07 PS-330(Digital counter) was released.

Product information
  B.D.C. Detector B.D.C detector Malfunction detector Malfunction detector
  Digital cam Digital cam Mist spray system Mist spray system
  Box changer Box changer Transfer detector Transfer detector
  Counter Counter Light sensor Light sensor
  Loop sensor Ring proximity sensor Spring sensor Contact sensor
  Vibration sensor Vibration sensor Proximity Sensor head Proximity Sensor head