PS-219 ~Mist spray system~

PS-219 ~Mist spray system~

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Mist spray system PS-219 is designed to apply small amount of low-viscosity stamping oil on a work piece during metalworking by the press machine.
This device includes the spray nozzle, and the control box composed of the controller and the oil reservoir. The control box features the functions of adjusting the oil amount by pressuring air and controlling the solenoid valve for the spray nozzle air. PS-219 is connectable to two or less spray nozzles.


 Less foams inside the tube for the oil
  • PS-219 does not employ an oil control regulator with the valve that may form foams between the oil reservoir and the spray nozzle .
 Finer adjustment of the oil amount
  • The oil flow is controlled by the pressure value of the oil and oil flow regulator of the spray nozzle.
    The pressure value for the oil is low. The pressure sensor indicates the value by 0.1 KPa step.     
 Reduction of oil consumption
  • Finer adjustment of the oil flow is available. This makes it possible to reduce the oil consumption.     
  • Less operational and setting areas are in PS-219. This facilitates the operation for users.     




PS-219 Dimensions


 Channels  2
 Tank capacity  3L
 Height of nozzle installation  5m (max.)
 Amount of anointment  20ml/min (max./ch)
 Proper pressure for nozzle unit  0.6Mpa
 Power supply voltage  AC85-264V
 Maximum current  0.25A (max.)
 Ambient operating temperature  0 to 55 degree C (No sudden temperature change during the use.)
 Ambient operating humidity  35~85% RH (non condensing)
 Environment atmosphere  Corrosive gas and dust should not exist.
 Adjustment viscosity  1-10mm2/s (1-10cSt)

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Nozzle unit installation treatment device

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