PS-482/484/488 Slug Detector


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The Slug Detectors PS-482/484/488 are designed for detecting slugs, double piles driving, and so on, during automatic press working and for outputting stop signal to the press in case of abnormalities.
It reads a signal from Eddy current proximity sensor installed on the mold for the press and calculate the displacement by a microcomputer. If the displacement exceeds the limit, it outputs the stop signal to the press.
Since Ethernet is supported, the PS-482/484/488 can be connected to personal computer (PC) and PLC.


The PS-482/484/488 have the following additional features together with those of our PS-462/464.
 Added functions helpful for detection
  • - The LCD panel displays sensor waveforms.
  • - Sensors can be connected up to eight (8) channels.(PS-488)
  • - Unevenness calculation and multiple detection are available.
 Functions helpful for production control
  • - Up to 99 patterns can be Stored.
  • - Up to 1000 error histories and displacement for four strokes before and after the error can be saved.
  • - Patterns can be recalled by ID tags. (Options)
 Ethernet supported
  • - The contents of setting can be displayed in HTML format.
  • - UDP protocol and Telnet protocol enable various settings and operations.
  • - FTP protocol enables to output the displacement data during press working.




PS-48x Dimensions

Back view

Back view


 Detect  Channels  2CH (PS-482) / 4CH (PS-484) / 8CH (PS-488)
 Resolution  1μm or 0.1μm
 Max. limit value  200μm or 20.0μm
 Detect mode  Internal timing, External timing
 Max. SPM  4000SPM
 Sensor  Sensor Installation
 distance (at B.D.C.)
 0.7 to 1.5 mm
 Length of sensor cable  1 to 10m (Standard 3m)
 Temperature  0 to 55°C
 Input/Output  Power source voltage  100 to 240 VAC ±10%,50/60Hz (Max. 40VA)
 Relay output  EMG Stop, TDC Stop, READY,ALARM
 (Max. 250VAC / 30VDC 3.0A)
 External input  ON/OFF, RESET, LOCK, TIMING (T1, T2, T3)
 Open collector output
 AUX (5 to 24 VDC 100mA)
 Ethernet  Physical layer  10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
 Protocol  IPv4
 Others  Dimensions of the body  200(W)× 98.5(H)×190(D) excluding projections
 Weight  3.0 kgW (inc. mounting bracket)
 Temperature  0 to 55°C (must not be sudden change while using it)
 Humidity  35 to 85%RH (no dew condensation allowed)

Sensor heads

Only the mechanical dimentions are different,the electric characteristic are all the same.

Click on image for more infomation.
PS-4013 PS-4014 PS-4018 PS-4020 PS-4024 PS-4025 PS-4026
PS-4027 PS-4028 PS-4029 PS-4031 PS-4032 PS-4033 PS-4034

Sensor Cable Series of 243297

The colors of the sensor cable are blue, red, yellow, and white.

 blue   red    white   yellow 
the sensor cable blue the sensor cable red the sensor cable white the sensor cable yellow
Sensor Cable Series of 243297 Order codes 
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