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Sensor Cable Series of 243297 Order code

 Please clarify the content at the order for 243297 Series by the following order code.
243297 Leaflet
243297 Order code 
243297 -    03 Bu
① type of cable ② length of cable ③ color of cable
code type code length(*3) code color
standard type 03 3m BU Blue
W thickness type(*1) 05 5m R Red
08 8m W White
10 10m Y Yellow
 *1:Thickness type(W) is build-to-order product. In addition, color is only blue.
 *2:8m and 10m cable are build-to-order products. If you want other length, please contact us.
 *3:Tolerance of length is ±15%.

 It will take about a week to deliver the build-to-order product.

 <Note>For length of cable, please select 3m or 5m as much as possible.

 If you use longer cable, it is open to the effect of electric noise, thus can be difficult to detect a slug stable. We recommend using 3m or 5m cable for the slug detector.