PS-524 ~Transfer detector~

PS-524 ~Transfer detector~

Peripherals Leaflet


Transfer detector PS-524 has a high- performance microprocessor to reliably detect mis-grip during the processes of the transfer press machine, can eliminate an error during stamping by removing influence from vibration of workpieces.
PS-524 provides a wide variety of convenient functions based on a wealth of our experiences, and the performance well suited for wide application permits long-term use.


 As many as 24 channels. Adaptable even to multi operation drawing.
 Downsizing, space-saving, flange mounting are available.
 User-friendly, intuitive panel design.
 Easy to use vacant operation.
 Auto-start or auto-stop depending on existence of materials.
 Setting delayed time is available for the grip input. This setting can prevent an error during stamping.
 User-selectable contact (NC or NO) for each grip input. Convenient when using a non-contact sensor.
 Detection type synchronization function or passage function can be selected.
 Possible to halt stamping by detecting such malfunctions as sensor errors, timing errors, and system errors.
 Adaptable to a high-speed transfer press machine.
 Peripheral devices such as a flexible connection cable, a connector box can be provided.
 Adaptable to various kinds of sensors such as a touch sensor, a limit switch sensor, a proximity switch sensor, and a light switch sensor.




PS-524 Dimensions


 Input  Grip  24
 Material detection  1
 Timing signal  2
 Operation  3
 Specifications of input internally powered 12V     ON current  5 mA or over
 OFF current  1 mA or below
 Input current  9 mA (max.)
 Input impedance  Approx. 1.4 kΩ
 Output  Relay  4
 Specification of output  Relay contact  DC30 V / AC220 V , 3 A
 Power for sensors   +12 V / 500 mA (max)
 Power supply Voltage AC100 V ~ 220 V +/-10% Consumption current 0.37 A @100/0.23 A @200 V (max.)
 Dimensions(WHD)  200 * 98.5 * 184 mm (An umbo is not included.)
 Weight  Body 2.2 kg (inc. mounting brackets)
 Attachments  Output cable (Standard: 5 m)
 Instruction manual
 Grip input cable (10m)


The feed bar preforms a back-and-forth motion for each process.
Use a connection box and a connection cable to facilitate maintenance of wiring.
Preparing a spare cable brings more relief.

Connection box

 PS524-10 Connection box37s    PS524-11 Connection box37p

 PS524-13 Connection box19s    PS524-14 Connection box19p


Flexible connection cable

 PS524-12 Flexible connection cable37    PS524-15 Flexible connection cable19

 PS524-16 Flexible connection cable3719