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PS-255 Mist spray system Order code

 Please clarify the content at the order for Mist spray system by the following order code.
 Order code

PS255 - 4 N 5 8 - 2 C12D - R 22 10 - F2 UL
  (1) (2) (3) (4)   (5) (6)   (7) (8) (9)   (10) (11)

 (1) Channels
 (2) Nozzle Please fill number of nozzle in separately
N: ST8PL(1.0) J: ST8PL(1.0) + ST8AUX
Y: ST8PL(1.0) + OIL tube only
 (3) Length of tube for spray nozzle
3: 3m 6: 6m
5: 5m 8: 8m
 (4) Air tube for pressure
8: 8m
 (5) Number of the chamber, Nozzle stand (It's a blank in case of 1.)
 (6) The chamber for atomization, Nozzle stand
M: Magnet stand (2 arm) C08A: Chamber 80mm width
  C30: Chamber 300mm width C12D: Chamber 120mm width
  C4B: Chamber 400mm width C16C: Chamber 160mm width
C4D: Chamber 400mm width(With a window) C20: Chamber 200mm width
C66: Chamber 600mm width
  Please consult us because there are a lot of kinds for a chamber.
 (7) Switching oil tank
S: Manual switching R: Automatic switching
 (8) Supply tank
20: 20L x 1 22: 20L x 2
13: 10L x 1
 (9) Waste tank
10: 10L Blank: Nil
 (10) Number of flow meter
F1: 1CH F2: 2CH
  F3: 3CH
 (11) Specify distribution of the piping for flow meter
Blank: all is gathering (F1) FB: front-end/back-end separating (F2)
ABC: 3 kinds oil separating (F3) UL: upside/downside separating (F2)
  ULB: upside/downside/back-end separating (F3)