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PS-474 Order code

Please clarify the content at the order for PS-474 by the following order code.
PS-474 is the high accuracy slug detector with a liquid crystal panel.
The following parts are attached to PS-474.
Instruction manual 1 Please specify the language in the following form.("1")
Proximity Sensor head 4 Please specify the feather in the following form.("2")
The sensor cable 4(blue,red,white,yellow) Please specify the length of the cable in the following form.("3")
Standard bracket 1
Output cable 1
 Order code          
PS 474 E - 14 M03
"1" "2" "3"
"1" Language preference
(Instruction manual) *
"2" Model of Sensor head "3" Length of the sensor cable
Code Language Code Model Code Length of cable
No filling in Japanese 13 PS-4013 M03 3m
E English 14 PS-4014 M05 5m
C Chinese 18 PS-4018 M08 8m
  20 PS-4020 M10 10m
24 PS-4024
25 PS-4025
26 PS-4026
27 PS-4027
28 PS-4028
29 PS-4029
31 PS-4031
32 PS-4032
33 PS-4033
34 PS-4034
  * The slug detector itself can display Japanese, English, and Chinese. Please make a choice about the language first and then use it.