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Discontinued products

The following product ended production. Thank you for patronage for a long time.
The guide of the substitute of the ending product is as follows.
Please acknowledge it though there are a production end goods not published in this page
such as special orders either.
There is a product that cannot be repaired because time has passed since the production end was done,
and there are no parts.
Please confirm the repair situation.

Malfunction detector

 Discontinued products  Repair situation  Substitute
 PS-112  Impossibility  PS-661
 PS-601  Impossibility  PS-661
 PS-602  Impossibility  PS-662
 PS-604  Impossibility  PS-662
*Mounting instruction differs.
 PS-632  Possible  PS-662

Die-height detector

 Discontinued products  Repair situation  Substitute
 PS-431  Impossibility  PS-464/462 PS-474
 PS-432  Impossibility  PS-464/462 PS-474

Transfer detector

 Discontinued products  Repair situation  Substitute
 PS-501  Impossibility  PS-524

Mist spray system

 Discontinued products  Repair situation  Substitute
 PS-254/PS-252  Possible  PS-255
 PS-219  Impossibility
 PS-215  Impossibility  PS-217/216 PS-218 PS-255


 Discontinued products  Repair situation  Substitute
 PS-310  Impossibility  PS-330 PS-321
 PS-311  Impossibility  PS-321
 PS-301  *Possible  PS-330
 PS-302  *Possible  PS-330
 *The product of producing initial might not be able to be repaired.