PS-682 ~Malfunction detector~

PS-682 ~Malfunction detector~

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The Malfunction Detector “PS-682” detects the status of automatic pressing, such as material shortage, material feeding, discharge of processed goods, and outputs a stop signal to the press in case of trouble.
Several functions using timing signal, such as counting, calculation of work rate, error recording, will assist you in production control.
PS-682 supports Ethernet to connect with a personal computer or PLC.
It employs DIN connector and remotely operable light sensor can be used. Since a voltage of 12V or 24V is outputted, a 24 V sensor can be used as well as conventional light sensor.


While the features of our “PS-661/662” remain as they are, the following features are added.
 Improvement of operability by LCD
  • - Detecting method can be freely set for all channels.
  • - Total counter, preset counter and setting values can be seen at a glance.
  • - Work rate and SPM are indicated.
  • - Allowance angle is indicated (patent pending).
  • - Displaying the number of counts of extraction.
  • - Displaying an error information.
 Provided with helpful functions for production control
  • - Up to 99 patterns can be registered.
  • - A record of up to 500 errors and counter outputs can be saved.
  • - Calling pattern by ID tag (optional) is available.
 Ethernet supported
  • - The setting or the like in HTML format can be checked.
  • - The saved record can be downloaded in CSV format.
  • - Various types of setting and operation are available through Telnet communication.
  •  (communicate via PLC)
 Enhancement of sensor feature
  • - The sensitivity of OS series can be adjusted by addition of communication line.
  • - Detection will be ON automatically or it gives stop output when it gets sensor input while detection is ON.
  • - Various types of sensor can be used, because a voltage of 12V or 24V is outputted.




PS-682 Dimensions

Back view

Back view


 Item  Specifications
Detect  Channels  6 Channels
 Detect mode  Touch, Synchronization, Passage, Feed,
 Extraction, Timer, Counting feed
 Power source for sensors
 (by the total)
 12VDC (Max. 500mA)
 24VDC (Max. 200mA)
 Output response time  Max. 10 ms
Counter  Digits  Total Counter:6
 Preset Counter:6
 Output response time  Max. 10ms
Input/output  Power source voltage  100 to 240 VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz (Max. 40 VA)
 Relay output  EMG Stop, TDC Stop, READY, ALARM
 (Max. 250 VAC / 30 VAC 3.0A)
 External input  ON/OFF, RESET, LOCK,TIMING (T1, T2, T3)
 Sensor input  No-voltage contact
 3-wire NPN open collector
Ethernet  Physical layer  10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
 Protocol  IPv4 DHCP, HTTP, TELNET
Others  Temperature  0 to 55°C (must not be sudden change while using it)
 Humidity  35 to 85%RH (no dew condensation allowed)
 Dimensions of the body  200(W) × 120(H) × 190(D) excluding projections
 Weight  3.4 kgW (inc. mounting bracket)

DIN-plug conversion cable

PS-682 is adopting new connector differ from conventional product.
It is necessary DIN-plug conversion cable to PS-682 to use the sensors used for conventional product.DIN-plug conversion cable is provided when select 「01」 at the order code of accessory of sensor of PS-682.It is possible to purchase only DIN-plug conversion cable.The color and cable length of DINP-1J are fixed.
If you need to change the color or cable length of DINP-1J, please place an order by USE-DE series.
 DINP-1J(White)(Pin - DIN conversion cable)
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 DINP-3J(Black)(3-pole plug - DIN conversion cable)
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Optional sensor

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 Light sensor (OS series)    Light sensor (LS series)
Light sensor

  Light sensor

 Loop sensor    Spring sensor
Loop sensor

  Spring sensor

 Acoustic sensor  
Acoustic sensor