PS-464/462 ~High resolution Bottom dead center detector~

PS-464/462 ~High resolution Bottom dead center detector~

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Change in wiring method for die height detector PS-462/464


Bottom dead center detector PS-464/462 is a detector to detect floating slugs and double stamping etc. in press stamping and output a stop signal to the press machine if such a malfunction is detected.
By each stroke, the detector samples the bottom dead center of the signal of the eddy current proximity sensor set up in the press die, and computes displacement of the bottom dead center from the sampled signal with the use of a microcomputer. The bottom dead center displacement is compared with the setting value. When the displacement exceeding the setting value is detected, a signal to stop the press is output.


 Higher sensitivity
  • The accuracy of the sensor signal processing circuit has been improved. The maximum processing resolution has been developed to be 0.1 μm. Minute displacement at the bottom dead center can be detected.     
 Displacement check with digital display and micron-indicator
  • The displacement is displayed simultaneously both with the digital display having high reading accuracy and the micron-indicator easy to check the condition. This enables an easy-check of the operating conditions of the detector.     
 Displayed gap for sensor installation
  • The distance between the sensor head and a target is displayed at the time of installing the sensor. Without the use of the gap gauge, the sensor can be installed accurately.     
 Flexible adjustment of the sensor cable length
  • The cable compensation function enables fine adjustment of the cable length on site. The cable length can be freely set for each channel.     
 Developed detection timing
  • The external timing is produced from 2 inputs and the internal timing is from each channel. If the internal angle timing is used, the equivalent detection with the external timing can be achieved without an external cam.     
 Effective timing test
  • The timing test can detect out of control conditions such as unusual installation of the sensor and improper operation of the external cam.     
 Detection of sensor wire disconnection
  • A stop signal is output when PS-464/462 detects disconnection/defects of the sensor or disconnection of the sensor cable by the sensor disconnection function.     








Back view

PS-46XT Back view


 Item  Specification
Detection  The number of channels  4 (PS-464) , 2 (PS-462)
 Resolution  1 μm or 0.1 μm
 Maximum setting value  200 μm or 20.0 μm
 The closest gap between sensor head and target (BDC)  0.7 ~ 1.5 mm
 Sensor Ambient operating temperature  0 to 55 degree C
 Detection timing  External, internal, internal angle timing,and timer timing
 The length of sensor cable  3 m (standard)
 SPM  4000 SPM (max.)
Output (Stop, Alarm, Continuous inhibition)  Relay output  250 VAC / 30 VDC   3.0 A (max.)
External input (Reset, Monitor ON/OFF, Operation inhibition)  Input specification  Connect the contact of no-voltage or the semiconductor switch.
 Internal voltage (DC12 V) type
 H level  9.0V or over, 1mA or below
 L level  3.0V or below, 8mA or over (12mA MAX)
Display and setting  Micron-indicator  61 Point Bar Graph
 Displacement  Sign +3-digit
 ±Setting value  3-digit
Power source  Power supply voltage  AC100 ~ 240 V   +/-10%   50/60Hz
 Power consumption  22 VA (max.)
 Weight  Body 2.8 kg (inc. mounting brackets.)
 Dimensions(WHD)  200 * 98.5 * 184 mm (An umbo is not included.)
 Ambient operating temperature  0 to 55 degree C (No sudden temperature change during the use.)
 Ambient operating humidity  35~85% RH (non condensing)
 Attachments  Proximity Sensor head 2 (PS-462) , 4 (PS-464)
 The sensor cable 2 (PS-462) , 4 (PS-464)
 Output cable (Standard: 5 m)
 Instruction manual

Sensor heads

Only the mechanical dimentions are different,the electric characteristic are all the same.

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Sensor Cable Series of 243297

The colors of the sensor cable are blue, red, yellow, and white.

 blue   red    white   yellow 
the sensor cable blue the sensor cable red the sensor cable white the sensor cable yellow
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