PS-218 ~Mist spray system~

PS-218 ~Mist spray system~

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The lubrication device PS-218 is designed to thinly spread the processing oil on the material in the press metalworking.
PS-218 is composed of the controller, the oil distribution device, and the nozzle. The controller takes charge of controlling the solenoid valve for the nozzle air and adjusting the spraying amount of the oil.
The oil distribution device is composed of the solenoid valve, the air regulator, and the pressurizing tank. The oil distribution device distributes the oil in the pressurizing tank to the nozzle by the controller's instruction.
Adjust the amount of spraying by opening the installed solenoid valve of each nozzle for timing and the time decided in the oil control mode.
Five nozzles or less can be connected with the oil distribution device. The number of nozzles that can be connected with the oil distribution device varies depending on the model of PS-218.


 The amount of the oil spraying can be adjusted remotely.
  • Set up the oil distribution device near the spraying nozzle. You can set up the controller away from the nozzle.     
 The amount of oil spraying is automatically adjusted.
  • Even if strokes per minute of the press are changing, the amount of spraying oil per unit area of the material can be kept constant by connecting timing from the press machine with the controller.     
 The consumption of the processing oil can be reduced.
  • A high adhesion rate and an intermittent spraying have the effect of dramatically decreasing the consumption of the oil.     
 The amount of spraying can be precisely adjusted.
  • The digital controller regulates operation time of the solenoid valve precisely.
    The operation time is set to the digital controller by the unit of 0.01ms.     
 PS-218 is congenial to the B.D.C detector PS-464.
  • PS-218 enhances the detection ability of the B.D.C detector required by the precise press processing.
    In the conventional lubrication, shifting in the amount of the oil adhesion concealed the blotted slug generation. A level spraying of PS-218 achieves full performance of PS-464 to be able to show 0.1µm of high resolution, which results in enhancing its detection ability.     


PS-218 Controller
PS-218 Controller

PS-218 Tank (3 L)
PS-218 Tank


 Spraying control
 Number of nozzles   5 (max)
 Oil flow control  Valve open time control
 External input (TM, CLUTCH, OP-INH)
 Input specification  Internal voltage (DC12 V) type
 Connect the contact or the semiconductor switch of the no-voltage
 High level  9.0 ~ 50 V   0 ~ 1 mA
 Low level  0 ~ 3.0 V   8 ~ 10 mA
 Output (Stop, Continuous inhibition)
 Output specification  Relay contact AC240 V , DC30 V / 3 A (max.)
 Power supply, etc
 Power supply voltage  AC100 ~ 240 V   +/-10%   50/60Hz
 Maximum current  0.8 A / 100 V   0.4 A / 200 V
 Weight  2.3 kg
 Dimensions(WHD)  200 * 83.5 * 184 mm (An umbo is not included.)
 Ambient operating temperature  0 to 55 degree C (No sudden temperature change during the use.)
 Ambient operating humidity  35 ~ 85% RH (non condensing)
 Ambient operating atmosphere  Free of corrosive gas, dust

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