PS-731 ~Digital cam~

PS-731 ~Digital cam~

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Digital cam PS-731 is designed to compare setting values on the panel with signals from the rotary encoder installed in the rotating shaft of the press machine and output control signals equal to the rotary cam.
PS-731 has many features that have never been seen before. Due to the installation of high performance microcomputer and large capacity memory in PS-731, its operability has been improved; especially the enhanced display functions make it easier for you to check the settings and operations.


 Sufficient cam channels
  • Conventional devices are sometimes short of the channel number. In PS-731, the channel number is increased to 12 channels. You can also have 8 or less of SSRs built-in to PS-731.     
 Pulser for number setting
  • Pulser (Manual rotary encoder) is employed in PS-731 for number setting. Combination use of pulser and microcomputer eliminates out of the setting range and improves PS-731’s operability.     
 Angle setting by fixed cam width setting
  • In the cam channel with the fixed cam width setting, you can make the angle setting while changing both control angle ON and control angle OFF simultaneously. This will be able to eliminate the reverse setting of ON/OFF angle and reduce setting errors.     
 Roulette angle display
  • In addition to the number display to show the present angle of the rotary encoder, PS-731 has the roulette angle display. Control angle setting value can be confirmed in roulette angle display, which makes your visual check more easily.     
 Flexible choice of device setting
  • Automatic advance angle system or timer operations are set for all channels.     
 Pattern storing
  • Settings can be stored or recalled as a pattern. You can change settings when replacing dies by specifying a pattern number. Pattern numbers ranges from 0 to 99.     
 Device setting
  • PS-731 operations can be partially altered by device settings.     
 Compatible output connector
  • PS-731’s output connector is compatible with our conventional device, PS-701. It is easy to replace PS-701 with PS-731.     




PS-731 Dimensions

ECD-02A Dimensions


Rotary encoder Dimensions

ECD-01A(Discontinued product) Dimensions


Rotary encoder Dimensions


 Channels  12
 Patterns  100 (00 ~ 99)
 Resolution  360 step/revolution
 Angle display  000 ~ 359 (1step)
 Roulette display  10°step
 Maximum speed  1500 SPM
 SPM display  0 ~ 999 (above 1000 SPM, 000-500 )

  • Either AC or DC SSR
  • AC SSR  100 ~ 240 V AC   1 A
  • DC SSR   5 ~ 24 V DC  0.5 A
  Open collector
  • 5 ~ 24 V DC   100 mA
 Motion detector  Relay
100 ~ 240 V AC   2A / 5 ~ 24 V DC   2A
 Power supply voltage  AC100 V ~ 240 V +/-10%
 Power consumption  15 VA
 Weight  Body 2.4 kg (inc. mounting brackets)
 Dimensions(WHD)  200 * 98.5 * 184 mm (An umbo is not included.)
 Attachments  Encoder ASSY
 The encoder junction cable
 Timing belt
 SSR (DC or AC 8 pieces or less)
 Output cable (Standard: 5 m)
 Mark tube(CH1 ~ CH8   2 pieces)
 Instruction manual