PS-217/216 ~Mist spray system~

PS-217/216 ~Mist spray system~

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Mist spray system PS-217/216 is designed to spray stamping oil on work-pieces. PS-217/216 is composed of the nozzle units, the controller, and the pressured oil tank.
Nozzle unit sprays the oil on the work-piece by the use of compressed air before the process of die machining. The system can control three nozzle units; UPPER, LOWER, and AUXILIARY (AUX). (PS-216 can control two nozzle units of UPPER and LOWER.)
The controller permits the compression air and the stamping oil in the tank to flow into the nozzle units, and control spraying by opening/shutting the solenoid valve inside the controller.
Receiving signals from the press machine, it controls spraying. Spraying is interrupted when the press machine stops.
The oil tank is a pressure feed type. Its total capacity is 2.4 litters (or 4 litters tank). When the remaining oil amount is 0.5 liters or less, a stop signal is output.


 Reduction of scattered oil
  • Low-pressure atomization permits concentrated coating on the work-piece. PS-217/216 achieves excellent spraying, reducing scattered oil.     
 Reduction of oil use
  • Fine adjustment of spraying oil amount (flowing quantity adjustment) decreases the oil use.     
 Easy to check spraying conditions
  • Each nozzle unit has a test button. You can check spraying conditions by the test button without operating the press machine.     
 Digital control of spraying oil
  • The amount of spraying oil is controlled by the flowing quantity adjustment, which improves adjustability and reproducibility. The optimum conditions of spraying are maintained by digital control.     
 Corresponding to high speed press machine
  • PS-217/216’s driving part is designed to be reduced, which can correspond to the high speed press machining.     
 Operating effectively with Die Height Detector PS-464
  • The utilization of PS-217/216 enhances Die Height Detector PS-464’s performance of detecting slugs. In the conventional oil supply method, the amount of spraying is not uniform on the surface of the work-piece, which results in difficulty in detecting slugs. PS-217/216 achieves uniform spraying and eventually PS-464 is able to exhibit its high precision of detection.     
 Smaller size of controller
  • Smaller controller saves space.     


PS-217 Controller

PS-216 Controller

PS-217 Controller


 Input signal  Timing, Clutch, Oil Empty
  Input circuit  Internal voltage (DC12 V) type
  Input current  12 mA max.
 Output signal  Stop, continuous inhibition
 Output stop
  Output device
  Output voltage
  Output current

 Relay contact (no voltage)
 250 VAC / 30 VDC (max)
 3.0A (max.)
 Continuous Inhibition
  Output device
  Output voltage
  Output current
 Relay contact (no voltage)
 250 VAC / 30 VDC (max.)
 2.0 A (max.)
 Power supply  
  Power supply voltage  Relay contact (no voltage)
  Power consumption  0.25A(AC100V)/0.16A(AC200V)(max.)
 Weight  4 kg (inc. mounting brackets.)
 Dimensions(WHD) 200 * 161 * 185 mm (An umbo is not included.)
 Ambient operating temperature  0 to 55 degree C (No sudden temperature change during the use.)
 Ambient operating humidity  35 ~ 85% RH (non condensing)
 Ambient operating atmosphere  Free of corrosive gas, dust
 Supply air pressure  0.3 ~ 0.7 MPa (3 ~ 7 kg/cm2)
Nozzle unit
 Proper pressure for nozzle unit  0.1 ~ 0.2 MPa (1 ~ 2 kg/cm2)
 Width of spraying  100 mm (in the distance of 150 mm)
 Air/oil tube  
  ExternalEInternal dia.  4 mm / 2.5 mm
  Materials  Polyurethane (for air), nylon 11 (for oil)
 Pressured oil tank
 Tank capacity  Approx. 2400 ml (4 L,6 L,10 L It is possible to change.)
 Usable oil  Oil, not corroding metal or resin
 Filtering accuracy  20 μm
 Oil level sensor  Float type, OE at the remaining amount of 500 ml or less
 Dimensions(WHD)  193 * 201 * 233 mm
 Weight  5.5 kg (At 2 L tank)


Model Spray width Head Flow control CH AUX spray
PS 216-12 100 mm 2 2
PS 216-24 200 mm 4 2
PS-217-12 100 mm 2 3
PS-217-13 100 mm 3 3 OK
PS-217-24 200 mm 4 3
PS-217-25 200 mm 5 3 OK

Nozzle unit

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Nozzle unit installation treatment device

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