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High-resolution slug detector called AMSTAD(PS-474) can show not only bar graphs but also waveform graphs and plot graphs because we added liquid crystal display to the slug detector with the resolution of 0.1μm developed by the experience of many years.
Therefore, it is easy to adjust detection timing which was difficult to adjust up until now by checking waveform and to check a variation of displacement in the graph.
In addition, it is not only showing graphs but also recording a waveform data for 8 strokes immediately before the press stops and recording a displacement data constantly.


 High-sensitivity sensor with the resolution of 0.1μm
  • Detection of slight displacement can be realized in resolution of 0.1μm. Cable compensation is instantly performed according the cable length when connecting the cable and detecting breakage of the cable and stops the press.     
 Visualization by a liquid crystal panel
  • Easy to understand settings and status of each channel at a glance because of liquid crystal panel. You can also choose display of waveform graph or plot graph and the displayed screen can be saved as is on a USB flash drive as a BMP format.     
 Easy to adjust a detection timing
  • Because the press motion can be checked with waveforms, the detection timing can be set easily while checking waveforms. The external timing can also be adjusted easily while checking waveforms.     
 Data storage on a USB flash drive
  • Waveform data for 8 strokes immediately before the press stops can be saved on a USB flash drive in CSV format. Because the displacement data is recorded constantly, it can be saved on a USB flash drive in CSV format with the time specified.     
 Feature-rich settings
  • Useful settings are available, such as “Trimming limit value”and “Press stop detection” and so on. Setting values can be saved in up to 50 patterns on the internal memory. Moreover they can be saved on a USB flash drive.     






 Number of channels  4CH
 Resolution  1μm or 0.1μm
 Max. limit value  200μm or 20.0μm
 Sensing distance of sensor head  0.7 - 1.5nm
 Ambient temperature of sensor head  0 - 55°C
 Type of timing  Internal timing , External timing
 Length of sensor cable  Standard 3m
 Max. SPM  4000SPM
 Record / Storage
 Number of record strokes (Approx.)  60 million data
 USB flash drive  Formatted USB flash drive with FAT32 in USB2.0 or less
 External output
 Relay output  Max. 250VAC / 30VDC 3.0A
 External input
 External Timing /Operation Lock /
 Reset / Monitor
 Connect non-voltage contact or semiconductor switch.
 Internal voltage (12 VDC) type
 Power supply / Others
 Power source voltage  AC100V-240V ±10% 50/60Hz
 Power consumption  peak:60W or less active:20W or less
 Weight  3.0kg(Only the main body)
 Size of the body (WHD)  200×200×190mm (excluding projections)
 Ambient temperature  0 - 55°C (must not be sudden change while using it)
 Ambient humidity  35 - 85%RH (no dew condensation allowed)
 Ambient environmental  No corrosive gas or dust allowed
 Attachments  Instruction manual 1
 Proximity Sensor head 4
 The sensor cable 4
 Standard bracket 1
 Output cable (Standard: 5 m)

Sensor heads

Only the mechanical dimentions are different,the electric characteristic are all the same.

Click on image for more infomation.
PS-4013 PS-4014 PS-4018 PS-4020 PS-4024 PS-4025 PS-4026
PS-4027 PS-4028 PS-4029 PS-4031 PS-4032 PS-4033 PS-4034

Sensor Cable Series of 243297

The colors of the sensor cable are blue, red, yellow, and white.

 blue   red    white   yellow 
the sensor cable blue the sensor cable red the sensor cable white the sensor cable yellow
Sensor Cable Series of 243297 Order codes 
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