PS-101T ~Malfunction detector~

PS-101T ~Malfunction detector~

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PS-101T is a safety device of one channel used for the exhaust confirmation of the miss feed detection or the product.


 The timing signal from the press, both the limit switch and the adjacent switch are also possible.
 Two functions are installed in the Passage detection unit.
 The timing signal circuit is equipped with the timing timer function.




PS-101T Dimensions


 Detection channels  1
 Detection mode  Passage (modes1,2)
 Voltage of detection circuit  DC12 V
 Timing mode  Timer timing (25 ms ~ 2.5 s)
 Voltage of timing circuit  DC12 V
 Stop output circuit  Relay output AC200 V   2 A (max.)
 Stop output delay time  Approx. 25 ms
 Power supply voltage  AC100 V ~ 200 V
 Ambient operating temperature  0 to 55 degree C (No sudden temperature change during the use.)
 Dimensions(WHD)  170 * 49 * 146 mm (An umbo is not included.)
 Weight  Body 1.9 kg (inc. mounting brackets.)
 Power consumption  Approx. 7 VA
 Attachments  Output cable (Standard: 5 m)
 US-1 1(red)
 Instruction manual

Optional sensor

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Light sensor

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Loop sensor

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