PS-104F ~Malfunction detector~

PS-104F ~Malfunction detector~

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PS-104F is a malfunction detection device with four channels of the contact detection method for the press machine. The jack method is used for detection-input terminals of all channels in front of the panel.


 With the toggle switch, the input polarity of all channels is immediately switchable to A or B.
 If the timing signal is input, CH1 turns to the synchronous detection method.
 The power supply of an electronic sensor can be provided from the 3-contact jack to CH1.
 Remote resetting is available by connecting the external reset.
 Turning off the power supply switch of PS-104F can prohibit the press machine from continuously operating if the continuous inhibition output is connected.
 The stop outputs are two systems (CH1/2 and CH3/4).




PS-104F Dimensions

Back view


PS-104F Back view


 Detection channels  4
 Detection mode  Detect the touch or break (The rotation and the synchronization of the press can be taken in CH1. )
 Stop output circuit  Relay output AC200 V   2 A (max.)
 Stop output delay time  Approx. 5 mS
 Power supply voltage  AC100 ~ 200 V
 Ambient operating temperature  0 to 55 degree C (No sudden temperature change during the use.)
 Dimensions(WHD)  200 * 68.5 * 184 mm (An umbo is not included.)
 Weight  Body  2.0 kg (inc. mounting brackets.)
 Consumption  Approx. 7 VA (max.)
 Attachments  Output cable (Standard: 5 m)
 US-1 4(red,blue,yellow,orange)
 Instruction manual

Optional sensor

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Spring sensor